Our Mission

To be the leading pioneer on high quality safety and security applications offering innovative functionally and exceptional value.

Our Vision

The most innovative, reliable and technologically advanced organization offering top of the line safety and security solutions of specific and bespoke application in Africa.

Bespoke Solution Application

These set of solutions are end to end customized applications designed and developed to the taste and preference of the customer in other to preventively secure their undertakings, enhance efficiency and prevent losses. Examples are:
Mobile Tank Tracker
Fixed Tank Tracker
Generator Set Remote Monitor
Base Transceiver Station Tracker
These applications are designed for corporate customers only.

Artificial Intelligence System, Internet of Things and Smart Consumer Electronic are all linked within an evolving industry of connected solution set to deliver unprecedented disruptive innovation and an amazing experience across the entire user value chain.

Supply Chain Global Services Ltd. is a special purpose vehicle to seize the moment and take on the fledgling business opportunities evolving in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Smart Consumer Electronics.

The company is set to emerge as a pioneer and innovative market leader in tachographs, remote monitoring systems, on-board electronics and telematics applications within the safety and security category. Subject to this sectoral classification we will concentrate on our core competence in building innovative functionality, exceptional value and technically demanding solutions. And implement them faster, more efficiently and more successfully.

Specific Solution Applications

These are function built innovative products that are carefully curated by our experienced sourcing and quality control team. The versatility and uniqueness of our product line, the know-how and experience of our engineer will place our customersn at the epicenter of the constantly growing niche of the market that requires the highest standards of quality and value. A few examples are:

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Head Up Display Digital Speedometer
  • Road Speed Limiter

Robust After Sales Support

The availability of our personnel pre and post-sale, off and on site will secure the trust of our customers as a reliable partner in sync with our corporate vision. We will offer between one and three years post sales/implementation warranty period depending on product/service types subject to standard terms of use.

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